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A shortcut that provides you the ability to access passwords stored in the iOS/iPadOS/macOS Keychain directly from your iOS home screen or macOS Dock

For many years, Apple’s systems have contained a password manager that has the merit of being perfectly integrated into the ecosystem and that continues to gain in refinement (management of 2FA codes, matching with the haveibeenpwned database, passkey management, etc.)
For many, its main problem is that it is not provided as a full-fledged application: you have to load it in the iOS/iPadOS settings or in the Safari settings on Mac.
This shortcut, once placed on your Springboard or in the Dock or the menu bar of macOS, allows you to access it directly, like a classic app.

This shortcut was inspired by the work of Ricky Mondello (@rmondello@hachyderm.io)

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