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With the arrival of iOS 11, a very useful feature has disappeared: the apps wishlist.
It allowed you to save apps to be able to download them later (I used it a lot to save games to get them on my iPad, I refuse to install games on my iPhone. Also useful to wait until finances are better to acquire a paid app for example).
In short, I've been looking for a replacement in third-party apps but never found a perfect solution.
It is of course possible to record this in a note or in a reminders list via the share sheet but the problem is that most of the informations are missing.
Again: Shortcut is a very elegant solution to do exactly what you want.
This shortcut allows you to save all the necessary details of an app (name, weight, price, in-app purchase, link) in a reminder list of your choice.
As usual: edit it, share it, enjoy!
Feel free to send me a word via Mastodon if you have any suggestions!