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Since Twitter decided to make its various APIs unusable, we have seen the death of many of the social network's clients. But some other apps are also losing features; it's the case of NetNewsWire (which I strongly invite you to try if you don't know it yet!).
Indeed, until last month, this excellent RSS reader allowed you to "follow" Twitter users to get their different posts with your other news. I use it for example to follow developers whose site is not RSS compatible.
As I'm less and less on the blue bird because of its stench since its takeover, I decided to do the same thing with the Mastodon accounts of my favorite developers!
Well, it's quite simple: you just have to copy the URL of the account as @domain.social/@user and add the extension ".rss" after it.
Something that it is therefore quite simple to do with Shortcuts 🥰.
So here it is.
Just tap the share icon in Safari or in your favorite Mastodon client then tap "MastoNewsWire".
Enjoy it, edit it as you like, share it ;)

Don't hesitate to send me a feedback or a little hello on Mastodon 🦣

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