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→ ~ Open Feedback Assistant

A shortcut to open Feedback Assistant.app on stable versions of iOS/iPadOS/macOS

Since the 2019 WWDC and the 1st beta of iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and macOS 10.15, Apple has been integrating an app named “Feedback Assistant” to the versions under development. It allows testers (developers, general public or members of the AppleSeed program) to send bug reports to Apple and attach, among other things, sysdiagnose, screenshots (photos or videos) and detailed explanations (steps to reproduce, frequency, etc. …)
The problem is that the so-called “stable” versions of OS do not offer this application. It is therefore complicated to report problems to the manufacturer (yes, it is possible to do it via your browser at feedbackassistant.apple.com but then you have to generate the bug reports manually and you lose the advantage of a native application)

This shortcut allows you to open the “Feedback Assistant” app, even on stable versions of iOS, iPadOS... and macOS!

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