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A shortcut that allows you to get and copy your different IP addresses

Whether I'm configuring my home network, setting up my (reverse-)proxy or opening certain ports on my Internet box, I often need to know the local IP or external IP assigned to me.‌‌If you have to do this kind of thing you will be happy to know that Shortcuts allows you to get this information quickly (without having to go to the Settings or the Internet).‌‌This shortcut displays your different IP addresses (local and external, IPv4 and IPv6).‌‌
A tap or a click on one of the results will copy the item to the clipboard ;)

NB: A bug on older versions of iOS/iPadOS and macOS prevents Shortcuts from getting the external IPv6.‌
A workaround for these versions has been found: use the API of https//ip6.me.

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